Best hearing aid centre in pune 

Best hearing aid centre in pune 

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Common hearing issues of hearing impaired patients.

25 Mar 2023

How to protect your Ears ?

Human Ear Anatomy
Human Ear Anatomy

Ears are very important organ of your body which is responsible for hearing and body balancing. Now a days we are surrounded with noise pollutions and many other hearing gadgets which causes to hearing loss.

first let’s understand about your Ears .A  human ears are basically divided into three parts (i) Outer Ears (ii) Middle Ear (iii) Inner Ear.

the outer ear collects the sound waves and passes it towards the tympanic membrane (Ear drum ) via ear canal or auditory meatus.

the ear drum vibrates along with the three ossicles (bode) named ( Malleus , Incus , Stapes ) which are presented in the middle ear cavity. Here the acoustic anergy amplifies and sent to the Cochlea -a snail shape organ which located in the inner ear which is filled with the fluid and it attached to another important organ called ( Vestibule ) Semicircular canal. which is responsible for body balancing. 

When sound stimulates the cochlear fluid the travelling wave received by the hair cells receptors- sensory cell the low pitch and hight pitch sound and by the movements of these hair cells a chemical rush generates electrical impulses (signals) which is carried by the auditory nerves to the brain and thus the physiological process of hearing completes. 

So here we can understand how every parts of ears play an important role to hearing .

How to care your Ears ? 

Here few points are mentioned below to protect your ears .

- Do not clean your ears with any foreign object itself like - Earbuds , Key , or any other things who can damage your ear drum of causing fungal infections .

- Generating wax in your ear canal is a natural process to protect your ear from insects or dusts . So it is not necessary to clean it until it gets impacted or painful for you , visit an ENT specialists. 

- Avoid a loud noise which can attenuates your hearing sensitivity. To protect your ear from it use ear plugs, Noise cancellation head phones .

- Do not talk much on cell phones the signal radiation causes sensory nerves damage .

avoid if it is avoidable otherwise use hands free mode or use a head phone* for calling 

*Any head phone or ear phones are not suggestible for listening music until it is your profession then use a professional noise cancellation headset. 

- Do not consume alcohol ,smoking tobacco or any toxic drugs . 

- Do your regular ear and hearing sensitivity tests twice in a year.

- Protect your ear from any kind of injury.

- If you are a diabetic patient keep your sugar label between normal range . A doctor can helps you to keep it normal.

- Avoid to visit a radio active places .

These are the few important points to help you to protect your hearing loss.

20 Feb 2023

Best hearing aid in Pune.

Most of the people search hearing aid with this keyword.There will not be seen any correct or authentic answers of this question except “sponsored Advertisements “ 

Because there is no best hearing aid to buy itself. Only higher price doesn’t mean a best hearing aid .It totally depends on your hearing loss and requirements and lastly to your budget.

If you have less requirements or you are a very old person with moderate loss then most of the time you won’t have to go with the higher hearing aid on the other hand if you are socially very active person and have a mild hearing loss too then basic hearing aid can’t help you more . 

So whenever you are planning to buy a Best hearing aid visit to an Audiologist or hearing professional who will help you to find the correct hearing aid according to your need except the best one. 

9 Aug 2020

Now we are living in a modern society is the analog Hearing Aids are sustainable now? 

As we all know that we are living in a modern society and surrounded by the many appliances. If we are living in a technological era how can a analog hearing aid sustain in this world.

Wireless (Inbuilt Bluetooth) hearing aid would be a best option for hearing impairment people. 

Now you have a great option in wireless hearing aids through this you can connect your TV, phone, and other Bluetooth devices directly.Now hearing becomes more comfortable. Call us today for all digital hearing aid, Programmable hearing aid and rechargeable hearing aid. 

JRD Hearing
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